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Advanced Rapid Prototyping System

All digital workflow from concept through manufacture, validation and verification
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Blue Force provides aerospace conceptual design, analysis and configuration refinement. We use state of the art tools to rapidly establish design configurations and iterate to achieve the design objectives. We have expertise in incompressible, transonic and supersonic computational fluid dynamics analysis to support design convergence.


Blue Force has exceptional experience reduction of an aircraft configuration into a manufacturable and robust structural design. The structural designs are mapped to load cases and lend themselves to alignment with certification processes. The Blue Force Advanced Rapid Manufacturing workflow allows the design and analysis to directly couple to our tooling, rapid prototyping and production capabilities.


Blue Force provides excellent Finite Element Analysis capabilities including fully composite analysis. This allows Blue Force to uniquely design aerospace structure to meet the objective load, harmonic analysis, flutter analysis, and other application specific techniques coupled with our extensive allowables database. This includes our own database of allowables for the Blue Force advanced infusion system that support incorporation of uni and core details. 


Blue Force has developed advanced soft tooling technology that supports build of infused parts of nearly unlimited size. These tools are built with profile tolerance up to +/- 0.02 over the extent of the tool. The tooling support build of 5 to 10 parts using the Blue Force infusion technology and material allowables. Soft tooling allows rapid build of initial prototypes in a fraction of the time normally required – allowing a 12 to 30 month acceleration of prototype build. Tooling is built from the digital design and integrity is verified via advanced metrology to validate the cut profile against the digital models.


Blue Force has capability to build a broad range of hard tooling solutions. Our carbon fiber hard tooling solutions have been used to for series production of over 500 parts without failure or replacement. The hard tooling is directly developed from the same digital workflow as our soft tooling solutions. Often our customers require a rapid prototype build on soft tooling with the ability to rapidly transition to hard tooing. The Blue Force digital workflow supports rapid transition to hard tooling. We support a broad range of tooling solutions including advanced puzzle piece tools for complex internal structures. All tools are validated with our metrology solutions to the original CAD models.


Blue Force has developed an Advanced Rapid Prototyping system based on a range of digital modeling, analysis, design and metrology capabilities. By coupling this digital workflow with advanced soft tooling and infusion technologies we have the ability to rapidly build aerospace structures of virtually unlimited size. This capability allows us to build one to ten prototype aerospace structures with a 12 to 30 month acceleration over traditional techniques. The unique material systems and allowables database we have established allows customers to realize product development accelerations on initial prototypes or limited production concepts for field evaluation. Our prototyping model allows concepts to be validated before transitioning to hard tooling and certification expense. 


Blue Force provides low rate and full rate production of certified aerospace structure under our AS9100 and Nadcap certifications. Blue Force is uniquely positioned to transition from rapid prototype configurations to series production from 10’s per year to over 800 per year with a range of capabilities based on customer requirements. 


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